Spending Your Amazon Gift Card Toward the New Year


If you have a really thoughtful friend, employer, or relative and received an Amazon  gift card, it's a good time to invest in your new year. Here's some great ideas for how to use it for things you really need but might not have taken time to get yourself. All of these will improve the quality of your 2023.

I will have mostly lower cost items that easily fit on your card total, but some items you may not usually buy because of price, a card can cut the price of, so I will include a variety of price ranges. 


We all do it, clear out the Christmas decor, purge and spring clean, reorganize for a new year. Here's some inspiring ways to do it - 

underbed storage bins

drawer organizers

meal prep bento boxes/freezer/microwave

multiple pants hanger

storage shelving unit


With some time off and cold winter outside, most want to pamper themselves with hot baths, pedicure, perhaps reorganize pantry and prepare for a health-based focus. Here's some inspiring ideas - 

foot massage tub

(I add apple cider to my soak)

Peloton Bike

bone broth packets

blackhead vacuum

resistance bands

undereye patches for puffy/wrinkles/circles



You clear out Christmas and all the fuss and empty out and brighten your rooms. You are already daydreaming about springtime, sunshine, warmth. Add some warmth to your winter nest with these ideas - 

lemon pillow cover

scented candles in bright containers

butterfly lap blanket

light therapy lamp

bright tea kettle