top 5 Reasons to Love Arizona!


Arizona has a lot to offer. It has its drawbacks too, like any state. Here's my top 10 reasons to love the state - 

1.  Diversity of climate. You don't think it when you hear "Arizona," but we have alpine weather up on the Mogollon Rim and White Mountains in Northern and Eastern Arizona. The altitude can reach from 5000-9500 feet with tons of Ponderosa pines and four distinct seasons including a very cold winter. You head into the low desert and you find the mild winters that snowbirds seek. 

2.  Sunrises and sunsets. Why are they so good here? Particulates in the air (flying dust and pollutants) and with 180 degrees of sky, you get a true full-on viewing. 

3.  A winter that is actually Fall. A spring that lasts LONG in the low desert. Our winter lasts for about the month of December and maybe into January in the low deserts of Phoenix and Tucson. Our lows might reach 32, but rarely. Our daytimes can be 55-75. Once late January happens, we turn to a spring-like weather and it lasts until June. 

4.  Southwestern cuisine/fine cuisine. We are such a travel destination that our cuisine is diverse, southwestern, with influences from the Native People and those south of the border. We have fresh produce year-round with our climate and there is nothing like it anywhere else, quite unique to our area. 

5.  Diverse geology. Grand Canyon? Petrified Forest? Mining? Gold? Turquoise? Meteor Crater? Painted Desert? Sedona red rock? Just some of the examples of a very diverse and beautiful geology. 

There are tons of other ancillary loves to consider - the old west towns, roads with huge natural unchanged vistas, western outlaw shootouts in tourist areas, chips and salsa, clear skies and sunshine all the time, friendly folks, amazing margaritas, golf, swimming pools, canyons and waterfalls, fishing and boating....