Being Single on Valentine's Day


Being single on Valentine's Day can sometimes feel like the world is mocking you, shining a light on your singleness. 

It's hard not to look at the day with a sense of lack. What you don't have, what you don't share.

Let's get real, it's actually a day that benefits the flower and candy  industries, retail jewelry, restaurants, and card makers. 

Instead of sulking about not having a mate, this can be a good day for embracing being singular.

Some ideas - 

1.  Movie marathon of classic romance stories: 

Casa Blanca

Sleepless in Seattle

While You Were Sleeping

You've Got Mail

The Holiday

2.  Take-out Chinese or pizza for your own private feast.

3.  Buy some fresh flowers and set them where you will enjoy the view, on a home office desk, a dining table, a coffee table, a bedside table....

4.  Get some attractive selfie shots to have on hand if you begin a conversation with an interesting potential partner.

5.  Take a long soak in the tub, wear a clay face mask, olive oil your hair and shampoo it out later, give yourself a manicure and pedicure with happy nail colors.

6.  Go for a walk. You are likely to run into other singles getting out and about as if it's just another day. 

7.  Put on a happy color and  be a bit of sunshine at the mall, art gallery, museum. 

8.  Start a creative project - work on your French, begin a painting, learn a new song on the guitar....

9.  Call a childhood friend and get caught up. 

10.  Tell someone who is lonely, perhaps an elderly widowed relative that you appreciate their influence on your life and just wanted to say hi. 

Sometimes, it helps to review past relationships and why the didn't work. A bit of mental autopsy can help reconfirm that you want more for yourself, something compatible not combat-ible. 

BTW, if you didn't hear it from someone - Happy Valentine's Day.