Spring and Summer Fashion Trends 2023 - On Amazon CHEAP


It's rather ironic that since 1980s, the population has generally gotten larger and sloppier, hiding bodies, not tucking in shirts, and ignoring fashion altogether.

There was something inside of us as kids that wanted to resemble the others on the playground or, at least, fit in and be accepted. I recall crying for a week, wanting some double-zipper jeans.

Thankfully, my mom saw what was going on and instead convinced me to up the game and get a pair of jeans with a sideways zipper. No one in school had that! She didn't realize it, but right then she made me brave enough to take a trend and make it my own.

Trends for spring and summer of 2023 seem to be sexy comfort. Let's see what was on the runway in versions you'd actually wear and also super cheap on Amazon

Cargo/Safari Influence 

Miu Miu (designer) chino pocketed skirt

Lace, sheer, or corseted nightgown-like dresses

(Net-A-Porter designer)

Amazon lace bohemian nightgown style  $43.99

Distressed flannel shirts, denim, jackets

Gucci ripped washed organic jeans (designer)

Amazon distressed denim shirt $36.99

Asymmetric skirts 

Mytheresa (designer)

Cargo and asymmetric skort! $30.99

Denim and corsets

denim long skirt (Mango-designer)

Amazon corseted denim cinch belt $22.35

Metallics - silver and gold

silver shirt (H&M- designer)

Amazon - chiffon silver top $28.98

Sequins, feathers, pom poms 

pom pom shirt (Loewe - designer)

Amazon - pom pom shirt $28.97

A little research into trends and key words, you can find it on Amazon in a form that you'd actually wear. 

Enjoy spring and summer 2023, it looks to be comfy and very romantic!