Summertime Every Day


Seek the light, seek the sun.. The Scandinavians have it right when they seek to make their homes full of all the light they can capture down to the flicker of a candle in the wintertime.

You have a bad day? Put your face to the sun for a while. It's impossible to remain moody. Vitamin D and the warmth combine to create a euphoric sensation.

And those childhood summer days off when a kid could advance their adventure, their sleep schedule, and the possibilities that were ahead with no commitments other than to get out from under mom and dad's feet.

What about those summer trips to the shore or lake? The time spent suspended away from the usual location and routine to experience bliss near the water? 

The smell of chlorine and suntan lotion.

The sound of splashing and thunderstorms.

The sleeping bag warmth in a tent.

The taste of super sweet juicy watermelon.

Pop tunes on the radio. 

Fireflies and porch swings in the evening.

Living summer all year is about attitude and color, light, and vibe.

I painted my kitchen and dining room turquoise, my home study spring green.  I will add lots of plants to the study to make it a very green room tropical room. 

Plants, candles, can lights, florals, scents, curtains pulled back, tropical music, toenail polish, exercise, sitting in the sunshine, blowing bubbles, Bomb Pop popsicles, stargazing, Smores, having down time to just contemplate life, happy colors, fresh fruit, iced coffee, outdoor lounging areas, fire pits, soft clothing in layers....

You can live  the summer life all year, even when snow builds up outside. Seek warmth and light. Seek bright colors. Create art involving sea and sky. Sit and muse about summers of your youth. Pluck a guitar. Play a steel drum. Have a friend over for a slumber party. Go to the public indoor pool. 

Embrace the colors, the light, the warmth, the totally chill vibes and attitude of summertime.

Ignite your love of summer with the music and movies that embrace it - 


Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Beach Boys


Jimmy Buffett

Captain Ron 

Summer Rental 

Vintage Summer album 

Reggae/Bob Marley

Fool's Gold