Wallpaper: The Old-Now-New Decorating Buzz


Mr. Kate Modern Daisy Mural

I was fretting over a backdrop behind my desk in my study as I do a lot of zoom calls and I'd love something simple, but that totally captures me. I had a lot of art work up but it wasn't me. I'm springtime, sunshine, wildflowers, easygoing, and don't want a bunch of busy stuff behind me. So, I picked this mural (above).

I am really enjoying the use of wallpaper (not like in the olden days where entire rooms were covered), but as a focus wall or even the backing in a bookcase or niche.

They make great peel and stick removable ones these days and that is a huge relief. When I was a kid, my mom liked to wallpaper every wall, but redo them every few years. She would stir a pot of some weird flour and water or cornstarch and water concoction and paste away.

Papers even come with 3D textures.

Sometimes, you just want something subtle that adds a textured look or a faint pattern of interest without a bunch of flowers and designs that are in-your-face. 


This is a problem in my Southwestern home. The walls are all textured. But, peel and stick will adhere, but if you want a truly smooth surface, get some joint compound and use a trowel and put on smoothly. After it's completely dry, sand and remove the dust. 

Maybe you want a paper for a specific area, like a home study or a guest room  - 

Think past the common uses of wallpaper and get creative with peel and stick - 

There is no quicker and easier way to update your world.