Aura Photos


Kirlian photograph, aka "aura" photography is a fascinating subject. There was an experiment utilizing this way of photographing in which a leaf was cut and yet it continued to show coronal discharge from where the cut section used to be. 

It's not up to the camera to capture the aura around an object, but the use of an electrified plate. 

If you place a hand on the plate, it looks like this - 

In the case of getting your own aura photography done look up aura photography in your area and you might find metaphysical bookstores offer it.

Your hands are placed on metal plates and then a Polaroid photo is taken of you to show your electromagnetic field. This is a colorful impression and a good psychic reader can interpret the shape of your aura and what the colors mean.

In this aura I had done, I told the photographer that I was going to bring into view the "beings" that I sense have my back all the time. The psychic smiled as if amused but as the film developed in front of us, light forms were shown behind me. 

Incidentally, a year later I was having lunch with a friend who brought another friend with her. I didn't know the other friend was a psychic, but she kept looking over my shoulder all the time. I turned to see if some commotion was going on, but nothing. 

She finally leaned across the table and said, "I don't know if you realize this, but you are followed by vikings. Very imposing." I nearly choked because I had just left my long-term marriage and in order to be brave and strike out on my own, I called on my Viking ancestors to help me be more viking and brave.

This time (above), I told the photographer I was going to look at the place that I feel I get my psychic info from. My eyes go there during readings and it's as if a window opens and I know things. She smiled again. The photo developed and when she peeled back the film - there it was! I was staring right up at where a white bright spirit energy was held. 

In this photo (above), my brother had passed away a few weeks earlier. He was always my teacher, my buddy, and always protected me, had even saved my life a few times. I felt his presence over my right shoulder all the time. When the photo developed, I got chills. I had a long talk with him about his duties being done and me taking everything he taught me to stay safe and happy. No more sense of his presence anymore. 

Did we really capture the unexplained in the photos? I find it strangely odd that every time I asked for something to show, it did. 

The shape of an aura says much too. My very first aura I did was red and very tight and close to my body and neat. It wasn't fluffy. The shade of red said that I had high vitality and energy, but the tightness showed I was pulling it in and trying to control it. This was true. At the time, I had things I wanted to do but held myself back from doing, so I had all this creative ambitious energy and told myself, "you can't act on it." 

Most places even offer you the ability to get your aura with a partner or child or friend. You can see much about the relationship in these, as reported by the psychic readers. 

Is it worth getting one done? I think if you're going to explore where you are in your life right now, an aura reading is probably more accurate than a regular cold reading or tarot reading.