Energy and Manifesting


Energy is one of those ethereal forces that we do not see, but everything about our very existence is driven by it, from atomic levels to universal.

Einstein said, "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."

How does this apply to the power of manifesting, or directing our focus toward a desired outcome?

Energy doesn't have a mind of its own. It is there to run all the universe, but it needs guidance, purpose, a conduit. It comes to you in a neutral form and you decide how to use it, whether it's positive or negative.

Some people refer to others or locations as being negative. Well, something or someone changed the energy there for a negative end. But, the same something or something can also leave a positive energy. You know that place you visit and you feel like it's home? You feel exalted? You feel reenergized?

As a psychometrist, one who can read information from others who handled an object, I can tell you that we have the power to change bad energies.

You move into a house where a couple argued in the bedroom all the time? Well, it left some bad mojo. Some folks call it haunted. Others avoid it but don't know why. The very same repeated negative events in that spot can be countered with new use of the energy.

You can turn what seems like bad energy into positive energy, healing energy, creative energy.

It's an amazing universal alchemy and we are conduits. That is so much power!

I'm reminded of a time back in my 20s when I was having a life crisis and panic attacks. I had to go shopping at the store. I hunched over as I went toward the door with my keys to get into my car. My mind raced with images of fainting in the store, going crazy, being held captive by the aisles and carts.

As these images came to mind, my brain had no idea what to prepare for, so it gave me lots of adrenalin and panic, shallow breathing, sweaty palms, feeling like I could faint.... It was accommodating what I did with my energy which was to turn it into a coming disaster.

I had a moment of breakthrough when I told myself, "Sharon, you didn't forget how to drive a car or shop at a store. You've been doing it your whole life. You didn't suddenly become incapable. Stand up straight. Be the girl you were, who never gave a second thought to doing daily tasks."

It rather reminds me of two people on a rollercoaster. Both have anticipation surging through their bodies, making their minds race. One is thinking, "oh my God! I This is terrifying" and she ends up gripping the bar and screaming in terror, clenching every muscle, and glad to survive. Another person thinks, "this is going to be so cool, wind through my hair, rushing fast, seeing the sights, tummy tickling!" and she throws her hands in the air and screams with abandon and joy.

Same energy. Two different uses of this universal force. And, consequently two different outcomes.

How does manifesting work?

Well, recall my incident above during a panic attack. My use of the energy flowing through my body was to feed it a direction of total failure and terror. My body reacted, contracted, my physiology changed, my will to make this happen went south.

Running the energy through a negative filter made chain reactions occur that shrunk my world to the place I was standing, turned everything inward, and limited my choices.

When you utilize energy/life force for positive images, gratitude, envisioning the best outcomes, you straighten your shoulders, you plunge forward, your world includes everyone/everything/every possibility, and you move forward with that energy.

Let's use UAPs/UFOs as another example. These unknown air ships appear to have a field around them, a pulse of energy that can literally bend space and time around them to accommodate maneuvers that seem impossible to us. They also seem impervious to the usual gravitational forces that would make such speed and sharp turns impossible to us.

But, by utilizing the energy to accommodate their goal, they see no obstacles to move through space. They simply bend it around them to their will, arriving unscathed to their programmed destinationl.

This is how manifesting works. We simply create the world we want to live in around us and it begins with how we approach that world, how we us our life force for good and toward a goal, ignoring what seem like impossibilities ("I'm not educated enough," "I'm not attractive enough," etc).

We are literally walking through a current lit by our soul instead of our ego. Everything around us reacts to this energy, wishing to accommodate the passage like a UAP can make gravitation, air, wind, and other elements allow it to continue its path unaltered.

The world you want to live in begins with you. What do you think is possible (no impossibles)?