Pirates! Pirates! Pirates!


It's one of those days where Spring has arrived and pirate fever makes you want to go out and play in warm southern waters.  Here's some inspiration for pirate lovers - 

Dirty Pirate popsicles - Coke/Kahlua/Rum 

- Movies to get you in the mood - 
Pirates of the Caribbean 
Pirate Fairy
The Goonies
The Buccaneer
Treasure Planet
Blackbeard the Pirate
Treasure Island

Want to look like a pirate? 

Consider creating an outdoor pirate bar for parties - 

use some wooden barrels, rope, fish netting, hurricane lanterns....

How about going to a pirate-themed restaurant? 

Some of the best according to Tastemade.

Pirate's Landing - Elkin, NC

Julie and I just had to hunt down some supposed pirate ghosts in Southern Virginia along the Chesapeake.

Find pirate events -