Does Humanity Hate Itself? Let's FACE the Facts


We worry about Artificial intelligence taking over and the world being controlled my egomaniacal robots that aren't human.

If you humanity is so concerned for its continued existence, I must ask this -

Why is humanity hastening this process by insisting it dislikes all things human?

Humans are not happy with what we are and believe a complete do-over is in order to be accepted/admired/good-enough.

Instead of imitating other humans as examples, we look to cartoons, video games, and overdone influencers in order to have big eyes, no pores, perfect noses, full lips, flat faces with no depth. We desire artificiality that doesn't occur in nature.

We seek an enhanced version or another gender, becoming cartoonish, anime, photoshopped....

Sadly, when the image is complete, we cannot leave our homes for fear someone might (gasp) see us in our human form!

The very "happiness" we were striving for becomes dismal despair we cannot always be like our "image." There is never satisfaction. Simply a new face does not make a new person, no matter how good the makeup or the wishing.

I am certain plastic surgeons are enjoying the business, but the sad reality is, if this keeps up, we may come to realize we were worshipping the very technology we feared.

With a new skewed "reality" about what it is to be male/female/human we will lose all landmarks for humanity.

Why do we hate being human so very much that we want to become more like a creation (i.e. a robot)?

When we leave behind our organics, we can only be synthetic and the robots we fear, have won in absentia.

Hi, I'm Sharon. I'm a female. And I'm human. I have fair skin and large pores, a fat nose, hooded eyes, pale lips, scraggly hair. I also have lovely coloring, eyes that penetrate the soul, and cheekbones that stand the test of time.
And I'm okay with my reality. It is in my DNA in its raw form after decades on earth, strife, sunshine, sickness, cancer, childbirth, aging.
Like my character, it is uniquely me.
I will not be assimilated..
I will not be made to resemble something my kind does not possess.
I represent my people.
And we are HUMANITY.