Nothing To Hide: How Wearing a Swimsuit at Home Changes Your Game


Why do we so hate trying on swimsuits? Bad overhead lighting? White winter skin? Rolls of fat? It seems like they are designed to frame our problem areas like a photo frame defines a photograph.

Usually, we walk away thinking, "I need a good coverup for the beach."

The more we hide our bodies, the more we are completely disparate from them. We don't realize the boundaries of our flesh. This is how people can get quite large and "not realize it."

We don't need to strut flesh in public. First, we have to get ourselves used to the feel of it.  

After all, we are our own worst critics.

Wear a swimsuit around the house. This is a really tough practice at first. You feel like you want to cover up. You don't want to look into a mirror or have anyone in the house see you in it. 

But, it's critical to get used to your actual flesh and to gain a feeling of liberation of simply no longer hiding it. When you are no longer hiding the body, you find you no longer hide your eating. 

These two things seem to go together. 

Hide under a big baggy shirt and worn out sweat pants and shovel in food and you feel like the vessel it's filling is the loose clothing.

When you wear a swimsuit, you find that subconsciously you eat a LOT less. 

If the only time you put on a swimsuit is in a dressing room in a mall,  you will be in for a shock. You aren't used to putting on almost nothing and staring at how you look in it. You dive in and out of clothes going in and out of the shower and generally avoid the naked thing unless it's under covers or soaking in a tub. 

Get to know your body, not your loose clothing. You'll be surprised what happens to your diet, exercise, and most of all, confidence.