Swim Up Bars and Eateries


Beautiful poolside bar at Marriott The Buttes in Tempe, AZ

Vacations call for luxuries you don't get at home. At home, you have to cruise to a local patio bar to feel like you're on vacay, and even then they are often facing a parking lot with grocery shoppers going by on the sidewalk. This is hardly inspiring. 

Let's have a look at some unusual swim-up bars and eateries that make you feel like you're on a real getaway.


The Famous River Hot Dog Man

Located on the Delaware River about an hour from Philly. Take i95 North to Exit 1 (First exit after crossing the river). Go onto New Jersey route 29 North (River Road). Follow Route 29 for 25 miles and make a left at stop sign in Frenchtown. Then turn on the first right onto Frenchtown Rd. Follow the road north for 2 miles and you will arrive at 778 Frenchtown Rd., Milford, NJ 08848.

Loved by river rafters and kayakers, this brilliant atmospheric biz is very popular. 


Located in Tucson, AZ in a gorgeous setting, this resort thought of everything. Swim up to the bar and sit down on an underwater stool or lie back in a lounge chair and have food and drinks brought to you.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Utilizing many cast away conch shells, an innovative bar owner made an island. And they arrived by the droves. 

If it's a resort and it hasn't go ta swim-up bar, complain to the management. Ha!
Here's some that are creative, relaxing, and totally sexy - 

The Grotto Bar at Grand Wailea in Hawaii is a gorgeous one!

Like to gamble? How about Las Vegas's Tropicana? It has a swim up blackjack bar. Not sure how you carry your chips, but hey have a cocktail and figure it out. 

You can't get away for a vacay? Consider creating your own swim-up bar atmosphere - 




Another way to experience the lifestyle, rent a houseboat!

Houseboats are costly to rent, but compared to a hotel and restaurants, rental car, and all the costs involved in a resort, why not just ride a house around a lake and enjoy the water, cook your own meals, and make your own cocktails? 

What should you be sipping?

Here's some of the best suggestions -

Drink Carefully: Enjoy the season, but always exercise reason!