1970s Coppertone Summers


Those of us who recall the 1970s and summertime, it's hard not to equate it with getting as copper colored as possible.

Let's take a walk down memory lane and see how we can enjoy that nostalgia again. 

Let's recreate the scent - 

I loved the coconut scent of suntan lotions, but the one that holds the most sentiment for me is definitely Bain de Soleil. Top notes are Orange Blossom and Caramel; middle notes are Woodsy Notes, Sweet Notes and Marshamallow; base notes are Milk, Vanilla and Sugar Cane.

Other perfumes that capture the vibe are Bobby Brown Beach, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, Jennifer Lopez Miami Glow.

Don't forget the Solarcaine! I burn easily and I found that making a cheap black tea like Lipton super strong and letting it cool and dabbing it on makes the red go away by the next day. The tannic acid does the trick. This is good to know on a vacation as a lot of hotel rooms have a coffee maker with tea bags too. 

When I used to do modeling and pageants, tanning was desired, so I started here in Phoenix in the late winter and worked my way into it. At one point, I could wear Estee Lauder Palm Beach Tan foundation on my face and I felt like I'd made it to the pinnacle! I even dyed my hair dark brown/black so I looked less like an oompa loompa with red hair and red skin.

(me at 15 holding my niece)

I could turn copper, but man that was a tough and lengthy process to survive. 

Oh, the tanning memories - 

Sure, you could put on one of those bronzing lotions that makes your skin turn suspiciously orange, but how about using a reflective blanket and baby oil? Yes, we actually laid out like turkeys that need basting. 

Here's some movies that might bring back the vibes - 

Bikini Beach

Teen Beach Movie


Summer Lovers

Bikini Summer


Malibu Beach

Cheerleaders Beach Party

 Bikini (Amazon)

Coppertone (Amazon)

scooby doo beach towel (Amazon)

salt water taffy (Amazon)

sunglasses (Amazon)

It took a whole summer, but I got there!