How To Escort a Dying Loved One From Planet Earth


When you are escorting a loved one from Planet Earth to the Great Reward, it's a scary voyage for them. I hope my coaching with my sister last year as she passed on will help others to realize their role in the most important task we as humans can step up and own.

My sister died last year and was born into an eternal spirit.

I retained all our texted conversations as she had laryngeal cancer and could not speak.

My task? To excort her through the birthing to the next world where she would be greeted by loved ones, a bright light, and love and excitement.

We have to birth into human form alone. We must pass into the next birthing alone.

But, don't forget when you know someone facing that birthing that they need a birthing coach. Be that birthing coach.

Make a pact to meet them on the other side once they acclimate and can show you the ropes like they did here on earth.