Master Suite Makeover: Gidget's Abode

I am renovating the entire house, but as this is my first home that is only mine and I work in a creative industry and have a casual attitude, I decided that I didn't want what every other tract house has - I want my energy, my vibe!

I have this master bedroom unchanged since 1979. It's huge, but it's white walls and impersonal. I feel so out of place in it. Going to bed at night is like being punished and sent to prison. 

The key for me was to have one room in the house where I express the frustrated wannabe surfer girl with all things sea.

Yeah, I live in the desert, but that doesn't mean I need to look at desert inside my home. I see enough of that out my picture windows.

First I measured the room and plotted out the massive renovations to take a huge sitting area and make it into a walk-in closet, to remove the ugly mirrored doors small closet, and make the room deeper. 

When I finished that aspect, I started to test my dream paint on the walls to make the room a cheerful place to sleep and wake up in. I decided to try the same color I used in the living room/dining room/kitchen area. 

I studied the paint throughout the day to see how light affects it and decided that every time I walk into the bedroom now, I smile so big. Yes, this is the color!

So, since the master suite is not a public area, I figured I'd indulge in making the room into my own private paradise getaway. I dream of being near the sea all the time, so why not have a place I can retreat into the fantasy? 

headboard (Amazon)

My best memories as a kid was our summer home on the Chesapeake. I'd race onto the dock and put chicken necks into the crab trap and drop it off the dock. 

I decided to remember my roots, I'd hang a crab trap from the ceiling with some blue crab figures inside. And, maybe a mermaid too! (Whimsy is my earmark)

blue claw crab trap (Bass pro shop)

For the side tables near the bed, a couple of good reading lamps that add sea grass texture.

In the recliner reading area of the room, a floor lamp of faux wood to match white accents in the room. 

For side tables - 

I will likely move the theme into the master bathroom with some aqua-colored glass tiles for the new shower, bamboo fixtures, and lots of light and hanging plants.

One wall will be a collection of mermaid art. One wall will be shells. I don't think I could live in a house that is all beach/ocean in the desert, but this would make my bedroom a fantastic fantasy getaway. 

Live out a fantasy in the bedroom. If I were in a cooler climate, I'd totally go Viking with furs and driftwood, swords and masculine energy.