Top Fall Fashion Looks for 2023

It doesn't seem that Fall 2023 fashion is going to be demure. Let's have a look at the trends - 

colors - Reds of many shades from a reddish fuchsia to red orange, deep red, to neon yellow.  This may feel like a test of girls with darker skin versus girls with lighter skin. These are definitely not my colors in any way, but I also don't follow trends other than to try not wear leg warmers and headbands together anymore.

styles/silhouettes - 

cinched blazers and lots of jackets

slinky knits

purses are become a new statement

supersize 80s jackets

studs and grommets

biker chick looks

everything supersized, baggy bottoms, giant jackets.

hair - layering, fringe, and framing.

accessories - oversized bags, ballet shoes, silver, bucket hats (yes, like Gilligan on Gilligan's Island), fabric roses. And, even though opera gloves are in, do you know anyone in any situation who would actually wear these among the untucked t-shirt and cargo shorts population? 

Although I've never found myself caught up in the major trends, I do find that if you go buying something new to add to the wardrobe, you are often confronted in the stores by whatever accessory or color palette that is parading as the new "best thing." 

I may not be wearing one drop of red this season (a color I abhor and that looks horrid on me), I might consider a large purse or oversized jacket if I want to add to my collection.

Honestly, I tend to shop thrift and vintage clothing stores more often than not because I can get items that didn't come out of the pop shops. 

As there is an overall 80s aesthetic this coming season, some of those mix-and-match items like large jacket, tiny skirt, belted waist, and ballet flats might be a way to own it in a silhouette I actually love. 

I hope some time we can get a strong fashion comeback like the 80s aesthetic. Everyone was in the fashion, parading in it, buying it, excited about wardrobes. I haven't seen that kind of fashion thrill since then.  It stands to reason that in economic times like today and the 1970s, fashion wasn't the rage, but then in good economic times like the 80s, it goes overboard. 

Here's hoping the next fashion-conscious economy is on the horizon!