The Healing Power of Stones and Crystals


When I left my marriage over a decade ago, it had been so filled with animosity and anger that I just wanted to be free of having to try to appease someone else, that I decided "I'm going to become engaged to myself. I'm going to commit to me for life." So, when I chose the stone I was going to wear, I really gave it thought. 

Ultimately, I chose green turquoise. This stone is associated with wisdom, protection, good fortune, tranquility, and hope.

As a psychometrist, I can tell you that stones and crystals are different than other objects. For instance, I can read a lot of retained info from metals, but give me a stone and it holds zero memories. It only holds energy. It is a kind of auric battery.

Let's look at what you might choose when considering jewelry or simply stones to keep under your pillow, in your bath (put in a mesh bag in the tub), or carrying in your pocket. 

As a ghost investigator, my favorite to carry is labradorite - it does a great job of protecting from bad energies which is why I suggest it for the work place too.