Developing a Relationship With Mother Earth


In the toughest times in my life, I could step outside and lose myself in nature. Developing a relationship with Mother Earth is healing. It's impossible to be anxious or worry about the future when nature reminds you to be in the moment.

As we start into springtime weather, butterflies, birds, bees, all are coming calling again. You think you see a field of flowers, but when you move closer, you see the inhabitants to depend on it.

Take a closer look. Feel it. Smell it. Walk around in it. Breathe. Look to the sky. Let the sun warm your skin. Plant a seed. Watch it become a nurturer of Mother Earth. 

Compost. Garden. Prune a tree. Walk barefoot in grass. Take a hike. Photograph. Watch the night sky.  Take a nap outside in a hammock. Designate a place outdoors to relax. Set up a tent in the yard for the occasional campout. Build a firepit. Set up an easel and paint the beauty. 

When things are tough, you're exhausted, bored, grieving, anxious, or just full of joy - the outdoors is the one constant that can soothe all the senses. Perhaps the greatest therapist and readily available without appointment or cost. 

More ideas for connecting with our beautiful world - 

Plant a memorial tree for a lost family member
Picking up trash along roadways
Make crafts from nature items
Start rock collecting
Build something in your yard with cob
Get a waterfall for your garden
Eat raw foods from the farmer's market for an entire day
Get some sunlight - vitamin D is critical in surviving viruses. 

When you think about it, everything we need is right here on Mother Earth - water, food, oxygen, sunshine, climate....