Recreating Yourself


When you get to a place where you want to start over, consider this - in order to put a new message on a chalkboard, you must obliterate the writing until it's illegible and all traces are gone. It's a messy process. It's permanent. And you better be ready to fill the board with something new - 

Ask any woman and, after a breakup, she gets a new hairstyle, a tattoo, a daring piece of clothing. 

It's one thing to say, "I'd like to stand up for myself and quit being a doormat," or "I want to be a traveling vagabond without a care," but the actuality of it - being the same person inside, well, it's doubtful.

There's a safe routine we follow when we find a life that causes the least path of resistance. It always involves a lot of compromises from who you are inside (a rebel who questions authority) versus who you adapted to become for best results (a complacent ass-kisser). 

Like treating phobias, becoming a new you who approaches life with a different set of skills and attitudes, you have to test the waters a bit at a time. 

Perhaps you say "no" to a friend who wants you to help him move. You work your way up, realizing nothing godawful occurred, and you gain confidence to use the "no" reply more often in bigger and harder situations, like at work or with your spouse. 

My fast-track to shifting from the woman of my young adulthood to a more confident and uncompromising defendant of my dreams is a pretty simple method.

It began with doing nothing the way I did it before. In the evening, instead of watching TV, I went outside and sat under the stars. When I drove home from chores, I explored a route I didn't know. I braided my hair when usually it's tumbling. I wore a color I've never worn. I chose to have pickles and cheese for supper.

I basically rebelled against my old self!

Listen to George - 

You literally have a choice to run on autopilot or manual. Always choose manual. It keeps you in control!