Mobile Home Communities


The Greater Phoenix area might be known as a fantastic mobile home 55+ retirement community mecca.

Recently, after the ongoing strike in Hollywood and losing my fiance who was going to help me renovate my home, I made a decision to quit trying to live a life that doesn't fit me in this my second childhood.

I am no longer a suburban tract mama and I want to make memories, live in an unusual setting, do crazy things, and  travel, but the care and cost of a home are prohibitive for a bohemian artist.

I've always been excited about tiny living and even as a kid wanted to live in an artist's commune with community garden and tiny homes and sense of village. 

What's funny is there is Generation X and Millenials are both finding tiny living as a smart way to live rather than McMansions and being a slave to a place that houses you for bedtime.

To them, they need to build these tiny homes, but in our Baby Boomer generation, they were called mobile home parks or even trailer parks. 

My decision to downsize drastically into something that affords me to know my neighbor's names, not have a noisy street and streetlights around me, a clubhouse for activities and suppers/parties, and a place I can easily pile up my $ in the bank and investments rather than in the dwelling, I can get a home for less than a new car and a sense of community. The lot lease is less than half local apartment rent $. 

I'm surprised more apartment renters aren't considering this option! No one living atop of you or below, no sharing a wall. You can do what you want with the decor. You can lock up and have close knit neighbors who are handimen, dog walkers, plant waterers when you're away....

On my YouTube channel Sharon Day Life Archivist I have playlists for things like an artist's life, paranormal subjects, sykinesis (Bell's palsy fallout), and I will be creating one for mobile home living/tiny living as soon as I get moved into my new home.  I also will be sharing on my Instagram sharon_day_life_archivist.

In fact, after sharing my exciting new bohemian artist's den and living way below my means and simplifying my life to free up my creative - three friends have expressed their goal to do so too. 

One has a beautiful getaway for hot months but needs a warmer winter in Arizona. One is a struggling artist who has to renew a lease for an expensive apartment. Another one is a friend retiring in a year or two and downsizing.

Whatever the reason, mobile home living makes a helluva lot of sense and frees you up to no longer be a slave to income and upkeep and able to build a community, have activities, and easily come and go feeling secure your abode is not housing lots of expensive wonders that are too tantalizing. 

I am so excited for this new phase of my life! I wish I had done it long ago to greatly reduce stress and pursue my dreams knowing I have a safe affordable place to crash between adventures.

More to come -