Snow-Themed Movies


To some snow is a nightmare, to others the promise of holiday season, crackling fires, and warm fluffy socks.

No matter how you feel about snow, it has both a fantastical and horrifying theme to it - at least, in movies.

Curl up with your hot cocoa. I suggest my favorite (I add a dash of cayenne, ginger, and cinnamon for a Mexican Hot Cocoa).  This one is only for those who want super rich chocolate. Please add a candy cane as a stirrer!

These movies are a wide variety of snow-themed films from family to comedy, horror to drama.

Wind Chill (horror)

The Shining (horror)

Snow Day (family/comedy)

The Thing From Another World (50s scifi)

Dead Snow (horror)

Frozen (family animation)

Snow Dogs (family)

White Out (crime thriller)

30 Days of Night (horror)

Misery (horror/thriller)

Dreamcatcher (horror)

Let the Right One In (horror)

Avalanche (70s disaster)

White Christmas (family musical)

The Holiday (romantic comedy)

While You Were Sleeping  (romantic comedy)

Home Alone (family comedy)

Elf (comedy)

Christmas Vacation (comedy)

Christmas With the Kranks (comedy)

A Christmas Story (family comedy)

Storm of the Century (horror)

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