Bell's Palsy and Synkinesis - Life Changes and So Must I


Life can throw you some real curve balls. A person who has a full-time solid job and a mortgage can overnight become laid off and desperate. Someone who has been an athlete in their youth can be facing open heart surgery. 

You just don't know what trek it will force you on, but those who survive - adapt. 

The hardest thing for me as I've struggled with Bell's palsy, and now synkinesis, for the past over 2 years is that I had to separate myself from my situation. I kept thinking this somehow devalued me or made me broken. 

I've come to realize it is just another life test that can make me stronger. 

Honestly, I've had to go through the depression and the anxiety, social anxiety and such that always accompanies the condition and figure out how to live a life with less ability to emote in my face and less emphasis on my appearance and more emphasis on taking care of Sharon. 

I've made some huge changes in my life because I cannot go back to that life again. I must be on one of honoring me, honoring my dreams, honoring my goals, and taking time to get my spirit and health back in top form. 

Here's a video about this below.

I will be sharing this newly created life and what it's like to stop the merry go round and get off, reprioritize, and model a life that fits me - not my culture around me. 

I hope it inspires, whether you battle Bell's palsy and synkinesis, stroke, bad relationship, horrible job, boring life, aging....