Bohemian Fashion Styles


It's a new year and time to break free of the mundane. If you are an artistic, creative, spiritual type, bohemian style is your vibe!  Here's some categories that might strike a chord with your soul - 


The Bohemian Explorer gets inspiration from khakis and the British Colony Explorer era with influences from safari to archaeologist, jungle explorer to desert dweller. Accessories include hats and mosquito netting, cream, khaki and olive, boots and scarves. 

Linens and canvas, as well as leather are the materials. Hats, belts, vests, suspenders, scarves, and gloves are common. Shops might include camping stores, LL Bean, and army surplus. 


The Bohemian Beach vibe sings to most free spirits. It's casual and layered, mussy tousled bleached hair, and lots of beads and shells.  Casual resort wear, sheer cottons, middriffs, thin layers, lots of frayed denim, slouchy fit. Hair is sunstreaked and wavy from sea air. Makeup is minimal and lips are pale. You can find these looks in most beach shops, Title Nine, Free People, and Goodwill.  Colors can be based on white and denim, bright sunset, sea and sky colors.


The Bohemian Artist vibe is all about eccentric, mix and match, layered, patterned, rich earthy colors, complex, but free-flowing. 

You will find stacked bracelets and layered necklaces. The Bohemian artist is likely to be in sandals or barefoot. Some call them the hippie vibe, but it's evolved into something much more complex. You're likely to find great clothing in vintage stores and also import shops.

Imagine a gypsy's fashion and you nailed it!


Although Bohemian by definition is about world travelers into the arts, there are domestic bohemians, as well. 

These folks live in tiny homes or adore cottages, have dense gardens, collect art in their homes, and their look is inspired by comfort and classic often neutral colors.  They are confident in business situations and casual with their simple, unadorned pieces, mixing structured with loose and flowing. 

With a gardener vibe, things like overalls and sunhats are ideal. For daily living, find them to mix a blazer with a long flowing skirt, maxi dresses and wide-legged pants with resort influences are seen. 

These gals can shop at Chico, western wear shops, feed stores, and Free People.

Bohemian Hiker

Mountain bohemian is going to wear layers, leggings, cargos, jeans, and fleece pants. The colors are earth tones. The key is layering for warmth and protection. The hiking boots or hiking sandals are prominent.  Utilizing leather, knits, fleece, sweaters, and suede. Accessories are scarves, sunglasses on a chain, fingerless gloves, and hats, especially the knit cap.

 This gal will likely shop at places like Sundance Catalog, LL Bean, Army surplus, or camping store. 

Hair will be loose and unfinished or in a messy bun or braid.

Bohemian Hair- 

Flowing, wavy, highlighted, loose braids, hair accessories, almost messy with tendrils. 

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