Macro Murals


And, just as I finished the giant-sized daisy mural in my home office, I made the decision to stop renovation and sell, downsize, and create a tiny artist's den that makes it easier for me to focus on my screenwriting and oil painting, healing my sykinesis from Bell's Palsy, and depression from all the losses of loved ones and exhaustion.

But, alas, I came to be known in film industry zoom meetings for the daily backdrop. I am doing a new one in my easygoing mobile home nest. 

This photo (above) inspired my idea for the new mural - I wanted color as the artist's den is all about tons of plants, sunlight, driftwood, rocks, shells - all things nature. 

The flower will take up the entire wall with tips of petals (cut off by the photo) wrapping around the corners onto the walls adjacent. The effect will be like a giant sunflower drooping over the room. The petal tips will hit about 3 feet up on the wall. 

I was amazed at the impact of macro-sized murals. Most people want to just put a scene of a place they'd like to be, but something happens when you do large objects on the wall. You suddenly become a wee thing in a giant world and the mural becomes the focal point of everything. It actually makes the room feel HUGE. 

Take your camera and zoom in on nature - things like dandelions, bugs, leaves.... get inspired!