Children of the 60s and 70s


Children of the 60s and 70s - toughest and most commonsense people in the world.

I remember a kid getting a steel plate in his skull from a fall on monkey bars.

Then, there was the time two girls on a seesaw took part in a massacre when one of them jumped off, making the other fall to the ground suddenly and bite the tip of her tongue off.

All of this under a pole with a bomb siren atop it that would have us dropping under our desks at a moment's notice.

School nurse rubbed meurcurachrome (loaded with mercury) on wounds with a glass wand.

No medicine safety caps.

Parents raced down the highway at 75 mph with no one in seat belts.

Mom smoked with the windows up in the car.

DDT spraying was a community event.

Children went adventuring on bikes easily 10 miles from home, having crossed two highways and talked to strangers along the way.

A day's intake could include Pringles, Tang, jawbreakers, Big Wheels, pop tarts, and still we were skinny.

Never question the commonsense and fortitude of this generation - we literally built the electronics industry in the 80s.