For the Love of Wildlowers


Wildflowers - 

There is just something about the sweet, honest, hardy, perennials that grow without any assistance in sometimes the most inhospitable locations. If you turn your nose up at roses and orchids like I do, this post is for you! 

I always said, the best bouquet is made up of wildflowers my fella picked along a roadsidse or meadow. While he was bending over and plucking up Queen Anne's Lace, buttercups, and daisies, he was creating a devotional moment where his own needs were set aside to fulfill a dream. 

My gigantic daisy mural had enormous impact on my soul and on visitors, as well as my film team seeing me on Zoom meetings with it making me look like a miniaturized human. 

If you plant mammoth sunflowers, you attract a huge bird population, can store seeds for later feedings, and prep some for munching. 

Sunflowers are my very favorite as they are tall, sunny faces. It's like a meadow of people tracking the sun.

One time, I ordered seeds from a catalog and they sent the wrong ones. When I saw the plant take hold and grow into a 6-foot tall green bush, I noticed it had flowers about to emerge and it was perhaps my favorite flower bush ever! Cosmos! It attracted bees and butterflies like mad. 

Wildlflower seed mixes are a blast - you never know what is going to pop up. Of course, growing up in Virginia, TIger Lilies grew alongside roadways and people ignored them. I stopped to pick. They are like the Bird of Paradise of the Mid Atlantic.

I was inspired to paint sunflowers a lot of times - 

Bring some wildflowers into your life - 

Dandelion root tea is very good for removing water weight, liver health, good for digestion, anti-cancer properties, protecting against urinary tract infections. 

Making dandelion wine might be a favorite way to usher in springtime!

Revel in sunflower scents and pastel colors, sunshine and dewy petals.