Glamping Sites


I admit, I'm a total nature girl and I want to immerse myself in it completely, but I am also not fond of sleeping in a thin tent on hard ground. I'd like to have some comfort so I can feel totally pampered by the sounds of birds, fresh air, and the sun rising and setting. 

Here's some comfy glamping locations in amazingly gorgeous locations - 



This seriously elevated glamping experience in Ithica, NY is as close to being one with nature in its glory without being uncomfortable one minute. You can feel good that they did the least disruption of the land to set up your camp, giving your beauty and privacy, and also soulfully supporting the local businesses to bring you the real flavor of this beautiful area. 

Lake Los Angeles, California

An hour from LA, overlooking the Joshua Tree area, this totally cool campsite has an incredible view and privacy. You won't lack campfire site, toilet/shower, and plenty of space. 

Asheville, North Carolina

A hot tub, exquisite mountain views, firetable, and more! Imagine waking up in a glass dome to see nothing but green as far as the eye can see? It doesn't get more glamorous camping than this!

Alpine, Texas

An outdoor kitchen and firepit, indoor toilet, A/C. Can you be anymore comfortable while feeling the expanses of the great outdoors in a geodesic dome? 

You can find glamping sites all over the place! This is less expensive than a cabin and much more immersive of the natural setting. 

Try Glamping Hub to find ones at your destination.