Living a Surfer Lifestyle in the Burbs

I've been obsessed with surfer lifestyle since I was a wee child splashing in the Chesapeake and watching "Gidget" show. 

I started skateboarding at about the age of 10 or 11. I took to it and taught myself, as at the time it was the early 70s and there weren't a lot of influences for skateboarding except I knew it was a California thing and was OBSESSED with California and the Beach Boys.

I had perfected freestyle rollerskating, but skateboarding gave me a whole new thrill of rushing forward, being fancy on my feet. I was goofy footed on the board and I made up tricks that existed, but with me not knowing what other skaters were doing, I gave them hilarious names like "skip over" and "back spin." 

Just because I don't live on the ocean in the Phoenix area, I am not letting that stop me. 

Surfer culture is an attitude, a lifestyle, a fashion, a vibe. My sunshine crazy state is ideal for me to make the surfer home I always wanted, to eat the surfer diet, to exercise like the surfers, and to wear surfer fashion.

How do you bring surf vibe into your life?

Diet and fitness

It goes without saying that the surfer culture greets morning with no curtains or blinds. They are up and ready to go! There's a balance between the desire to hit the water and test the waves and the need to have supporting exercises like yoga and weight resistance. Honestly, there is a spirituality in all that they do. 

A love of nature, the power of the ocean, the chemistry of balance and movement, the sense of accomplishment an coordination - they are all traits that say "I'm strong and alive." 

With lots of vitamin D and surfing most often done closer to the equator and warm waters, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and seafood suits the exercise, rather like meat, eggs, and milk are the farmland. 

Supplements (AG1 and other green drink mixes, protein powders, and sports bars are standard items) 

Fresh fruits and vegetables in season


Vegan, vegetarian, perhaps pescatarian diets (vegetarian with seafood).

Yoga, weights, hiking, swimming, diving, and skateboarding might be strong interests for a rounded physical grace and stamina.

caribbean salsa

You hear a lot about surfers getting into ice plunges and we can thank guru Wim Hof for that trend to reduce inflammation.

(I have this)

You may not be near the sea and you may not be in surfer shape, but why not live in a beach-like bungalow? 

Home Decor 

There's not need to scream beach with signs that say "Beach," scale ships, seashells, and lots of cheesy nautical decor. 

What is it you love about the sea? Sea and sky? Sunsets on the water? The texture of sand? 

How about textured hemp, rattan, baskets, crochet, grass cloth, and macrame in colors of sand? 

Plants and sunshine are two fantastic stand-outs to feel like the beach, especially tropical-looking potted palms. 

If the colors of sea from aquamarine and seafoam, mint to turquoise are your zen, paint the walls. 

Bringing outdoor furniture indoors is another fantastic way to give a nod to the lifestyle. How about an umbrella table in your breakfast nook? Maybe put a couple of lounge chairs in the living room on either side of the sofa? 

Art work with modern seafoam-looking art in blues and greens could give a soul-satisfying vibe.

On your patio, the construction of a tiki hut bar would draw family and friends to your house to party in a wonderful escape vibe. Consider hanging sunglasses, straw hats, and leis from hooks on the support posts that folks can put on while they're hanging at the bar.

If you can't have a pool, consider a jacuzzi or inflatable pool/spa.

Try an outdoor shower as another fun beach-loving feature.

In the master suite, how about installing a cedar sauna? 

I found this totally cool slow cooker and could not help it!


For surfers, it's always summer! 

(I have a few of these - LOVE them!)

Sandals, especially flip flops are ideal. Shoes are casual and lightweight. 

Jewelry is hemp, bone, shells, sea glass, and wood beads. Shapes like shark's tooth, tortoise, and waves are great!

Hair is curly and loose like seaspray chaos. Sunstreaks break through locks revealing outdoor time.

polarized sunglasses

Sunglasses and bucket hats (like Gilligan) are standard gear.

(I have) 

Skorts, shorts, tank tops, very thing cotton layers, linen, macrame, crochet, embroidered, and flowing so air passes through and cools.  Title Nine catalog is amazing for these finds as are Billabong and Venus. 


Surfers naturally let things roll off their shoulders. They are totally cool being one with the sea, but also enjoy socializing with their tribe.

Finding your surfer tribe can be as easy as your local artist group, farmer's market, permaculture club, drum circle, vegan community, dog park, water skiing, seafood festivals, classes in pottery, acupressure, healthy cooking, meditation, hiking, sailing, skateboard parks, tropical resorts, wall climbing, and zipline parks.

Regular spiritual practices are helpful in lowering overall stress, but also getting a fantastic love and be loved attitude. No judgement: Just community. Being close to nature, wearing no makeup by SPF lotion and lip gloss, leaving hair natural, braiding hair, and greeting the sunrise are all fantastic attributes. 

To get the vibe going, consider some fun movies to inspire - 

Captain Ron
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Blue Crush
The Endless Summer
Beach Blanket Bingo
Teen Beach Movie
Mama Mia 
Point Break 

Books to inspire:

Surfer Workout and Nutrition Journal

Surf Style at Home 

Pop Surf Culture: Music, Design, Film, and Fashion From the Bohemian Surf Boom