Facebook Facism, Meta AI, and Fact Checkers and The Evil Intent


Facebook has fallen down the rabbithole to a communistic stance on public knowledge. It not only wants to deny you opinions or statements, sharing of information with fellow citizens, but it wants to send its bot in there to meticulously shuffle through your underwear drawer.
I've been testing FB lately with conservative political postings and within seconds to hours, they begin to sort through my past 14 years on there to find anything that slipped through their clutches when they weren't such a communistic evaluator of worthy content. 

Certain words, whether in memes or comments get flagged. A dear friend of mine lost her son a couple years ago and was grieving. He lived at the beach and she used to be so happy visiting him. I told her, "Some day, I need to kidnap you and take you to the beach again." The "K" word got me flagged. Even a meme that used the word "demolish" got flagged. 

I had fact checkers call me out one time on a highly humorous meme that wasn't trying to state any facts it was making fun of the human condition. 

With the advent of Meta AI, you might notice tons of warnings and suggestions generated by it, it might be sending you things in messenger. It reads all the comments that are posted, suggests how you should respond in commentary, and comments even get caught in loading as it evaluates their worth to post.

When Facebook comes with as many warnings as a pack of cigarettes, you know it's bad for you. 

Meta AI and fact checkers are now the bouncers for Facebook. 

If meta Ai can read our comments and make suggestions based on others comments and it can private message us on FB, why can't it be considered a user?

And if it's a user and they aren't on your friends list, You didn't give them permission to read your private stuff and message you.

If you don't want to friend Meta AI, you should be allowed to block them (I say "them" because it's the staff of FB)

Meta AI is not my friend. And if a friend read all my messages and made suggestions and comments without me asking for their insights, I'd be walking away. And if that friend had an ugly nosy arrogant sister named "Fact Checker" I'd drop her too!

C'mon Elon Musk - shake some pocket change and give us an alternative to FB that allows true freedom of thought, speech, and individuality. We dumped My Space for FB and Darwinian law says, FB's time to die out has come.