Macro-Sized Murals


Admittedly, there was a great deal of energy put into this macro-sized mural I did in my office. It was about 14 feet long and 8 feet tall. 

I loved every moment of it, every calorie burned, every sore muscle, every inspired midnight painting session.

When the house was sold, I knew the flipper would be painting over the mural. I had given up my art so many times over my life, I figured it wasn't a possession as much as a visual of a moment in time's inspiration and the energy utilized to that end. 

I knew I'd paint another mural at the next home. I have figured out what I want to paint as I have been studying Feng Shui for certification and my color I want to utilize is green. 

My goal was a sense of Hawaii and beaches, without screaming "South Pacific!" with this leaf macro on the wall, I can enjoy tons of houseplants and Scandinavian furnishings of light birch and maple for warmth, perhaps even some outdoor furnishings inside as I want it to feel like a surfer's resort. I'm calling the style, "Coastal Scandinavian." 

Painting the daisy mural, I truly loved the challenge and process and that's where the real memories satisfy me. I wondered if I could do it, and I did! 

What I love about this macro-sized daisy mural was that when you entered the house, it was extremely impactful and its huge scale changed the relationship of visitor to room. It created a sense of traveling in small scale through an environment completely dominated by the daisies. Usually, in a room the human feels like the living element, but in that room the life was in the wall and we simply navigated its domain.

If you don't paint, consider getting printed wallpaper murals and having fun with them.