Living the Greek Lifestyle

Post by Sharon

If you enjoyed the post about Living the Tuscan Lifestyle, you will have a blast with this one too - who doesn't want to escape to Greece, even if you have to do it at home right now.

Play some music (above) and enjoy this post that will show you how to feel like you are in this magical land called Greece.

White and turquoise blue abound. This might be the first place to start on your Greek-home-getaway.

Let's start with beauty and whimsy. How about a white sculpted head with some rosemary in it? 

A splash of turquoise on your sofa or bed. 

White sheer curtains 

Let the sun in, give a seaside vibe to your home and lots of bright white and potted plants. Ahhhh

What should you store in the larder? Oh my! Mediterranean food is some of my favorite and extremely healthy!

olive oil, olives, feta/goat cheese, fresh fish, nuts, seeds, Greek yogurt, greens, string beans, lentils, okra, Garbanzo beans, avacados, eggs, red wine, ouzo, tahini, honey, marmalades, whole grain pita bread, coffee, tomatoes, onions, skewered pork, lamb, pork, goat.

The Greek people are centered much around religion, traditions, and patriotism. They also love the outdoors and observing traditions with family. 

Coffee is a bit of a happy obsession, so be sure you create a little coffee bar in your home. Enjoy it outside!

Greeks love the abundance of great whole foods from a land that is summer much of the year. They love to eat communally and to party!

We have so much of our civilization to thank for this fantastic people and their gratitude for their beautiful land and bountiful resources makes Greece a great place to visit. 

But if visiting just isn't possible now, let's take a look at some movies that might spark your excitement.

Summer Lovers
Mamma Mia
Shirley Valentine
My Life in Ruins
The Two Faces of January
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Swept Away
The Moon Spinners

Enjoy inspiration from this great video that will set your course for Greece, even if has to be virtual right now.