"Devil Wears Prada" Fashion CHEAP!


"The Devil Wears Prada" was one of those dreamy girl-makeover movies that are irresistable. The wee mouse becomes a confident beauty. 

The fashions were condensed into a great music montage during the movie that sported some of Andie's "new" looks.

What I like about these pieces (other than their amazing prices) is that you are getting really clear-cut classics in black, ivory, one impact color piece, accessories, and all of them mix and match completely. If you were to get all three outfits, you would have the most amazing work to nighttime wardrobe ever!

Let's see what we can do at very very affordable prices ($150-$235 range for every piece shown)  to replicate that confident look


It would appear she has a black sheath dress beneath this emerald wool jacket, a leopard scarf and a giraffe-like patterned purse. 

pea trench coat $48.99

gloves $8.79

Although Andie's shoes aren't shown, these would be a great match - 

If you look at the entire outfit, it's $233.29 (dress, coat, scarf, glasses, purse, shoes, gloves). 

To add to the joy of this outfit, every part of it can be used with so many other things. Imagine a black mock turtleneck with the scarf and some black skinny jeans for a night out? The leopard pumps with anything! The classic black sheath dress. The pop of green coat on a dull day....


Here's this outfit broken down super cheap!

Cap $32.39 

She appears to be wearing the black sheath dress underneath and we will take that price and add to the outfit ($79). 

The entire outfit (hat, dress, coat, bag, boots)
You would never have trouble using these pieces with everything else in the wardrobe. So classic! Imagine ivory slacks ($63.81) but worth it for every occasion and work, teamed  up with an ivory mock turtleneck ($19.99) with the leopard shoes above? 


Here's my fave - 

dress $17.99

hose $8.19

boots $46.99

coat cardigan $37.99

necklace $11.39

purse $24.98

This totalled for (bag, boots, hose, coat, dress, necklace is $147.53!

I love these pieces so much. You don't get more classic or sexy. The black can be teamed with the leopard pieces in the first outfit, the gloves and the sunglasses. Black mock turtleneck and jeans (adding more stacked necklaces for boho vibe).


There will be more cinema fashion posts coming up. Hope y'all enjoyed this one and the previous one yesterday on the classics from "The Creature From the Black Lagoon."