Women in 50s: Beauty and Self-Care Products


I'm turning 59 in September. Didn't do menopause until halfway through the age of 57.  It was  real shock to see what happens with skin, hair, and looks as you skip away from your hormone-laden years. 

But, there are some super great things about this age. I will share those as well as products to help you settle your ongoing battle with who you were and the potential you become - 

Let's begin with the beauty side of things and move on to the skin and hair care aspects - 

I always apply foundation with a Kabuki brush and the foundation I use is Dermacol. There are two reasons for this. The brush (moved in circular motions) gives a very air-brushed even look. It goes into the big pores and the wrinkly areas nicely. The foundation is very good at filling in those places and making an even palette. Usually as we age our biggest concern is even coloring as we get sun spots, dry patches, underye circles, and larger pores. 

I use Dermacol #211 because I'm fair, but have an apricot/golden hint.  This tube lasts FOREVER as you only put a small dot on each part of your face and use the kabuki brush to spread.

I can't help thinking that frosted lips and really red lips and any lipstick with brown in it is going to age you in the most garish ways. 

Pink is still fine if it's not Pepto-Bismal "I'm Miss Texas aspiring to be Miss USA." Everyone looks good in peaches and especially coral. Throw away the red for coral. 

Coral Siren by Revlon

Another cool thing to know about lipstick is, it's not your mom's lipstick anymore and it's not your 1970s lipstick either, and it's REALLY not your 1980s lipstick. Mom would pull a lipstick out, spread it on, blot it on paper and voila! In the 70s, you simply used a glistening gloss that made your lips look wet (and sticky). In the 80s, you lined your lips and used bold colors. 

Today, arm yourself with the deeper tone, like the color above. Don't spread it on like mom did. Pat it on. Pat your lips with it and it becomes a stain that is not thick and gooey but it creates an undertone that adds strength to paler colors like Peach which you pat on top of the undercoat. This combo above is the coral siren above patted on and this peach tone below - 

With these two colors on-hand, you can wear the Juicy Papaya for casual or outdoorsy stuff - gliding it on like mom did. You can use the Coral Siren for going out - gliding it on like mom did. Then, this two layers patted on is useful for a day look or work look.  For 12 dollars you have all the lip looks you could need!

My eye makeup has changed a lot. Gone are the goofy frosts and pastel and neon tones. I wear shading above the eye that mimics the natural cast shades of my skin. Because eyelashes thin out a bit after menoapause, I opt for a very fine brush that is wet and dipped into black or dark chocolate shadow to make an upper line along the upper lashes. I always leave the bottom open unless I have an event because I like the eyes to look less cloaked and beady. Instead, I always wear a stroke of either green or aquamarine shadow under the bottom lashes. It has a way of adding a hint of color interest. If I want to amp it up for going out at night, I will use liners judicially and amp up the color under the eye - 

The eyes appear smoky without appearing clogged.

Skin can get a little flaky on your face (understatement) so I like to use cream blush. For me, anything in the peach to coral range works. 

warm peach cream blush 

We don't just get sparce eyebrows but overtweezed ones from the 1970s. Those hairs often don't grow back. As well, the brow hairs turn gray fast. It's a constant catch-up game as dyeing them (a tricky task) can also not take well to the stubborn white hairs. So, to the rescue - brow mascara!

 eyebrow mascara

Mascara is the final figure in our makeup drawer and with sparce lashes, I highly suggest a volumizer. This one is good - 

Now, let's move on to the skin and hair part of our 50-something self-care routine - 

Crepey skin

One day it's moist and smooth, the next day it seems like you get weird papery-crepey-alligator skin. 

I use a sesame oil in the shower. After I wash and exfoliate my skin, I rub myself down with sesame oil in the shower. I love this Neutrogena one because it has the most light and pleasant scent and I can also use it for massage oil. 

Bladder Leaks

I know it is cheaper to buy panty liners in the hygiene aisle, but they honestly do not do a good job for the bladder issues as they are neither adequately absorbant for coughing and sneezing and they are not great at keeping you urine-odor-free.

I look forward to growing out gray hair, but in the mean time, roots can easily be covered with a spray when you are between coloring.

As we lose the hormones, urinary tract infections can become a problem. Daily supplements are great.

Hair is the biggest issue for me. I had a very huge head of hair, never had seen my scalp since I was 14. Suddenly, it was thinning and the curls weren't like they had been, and with dyeing my hair to keep up with the white hairs popping up, my hair broke off easily, lacked luster and thickness. 

Leave-in hair conditioner or hair oils used sparingly were a huge help. I don't even own a hair dryer. I use a flat iron about once every four to six months. Shampoo and conditioner without parabens and sulfites are super good for the hair too. 

Some things I like to always have on hand to make things from 

tea tree oil
coconut oil 
shea butter 
sesame oil
eucalyptus essential oil
mint essential oil
lemon essential oil
soy wax
aloe vera gel 
vitamin c serum
baking soda 
hyaluronic acid

I am all about putting on my skin things that mimic a natural oil, a healthy sheen.

Here's a LINK to some of my recipes