Springtime Hike in the Desert


The plan was to study an area along the Lower Salt River outside of Phoenix where we had reports of Bigfoot activity and had found some impressive evidence. It was a lovely day and we hit the ground hiking, hiking, hiking, and enjoying springtime. 

The desert was alive. Just slow down and note the bees and butterflies, the blossoms - it's amazing. 

The vistas were posing beautifully. 

We noted that one of the bamboo "huts" had been expanded upon. We also found a hut made from a huge tree that had bamboo pulled from the ground, bent, and put over a limb to make a hut. There were 12-inch bare prints inside and lots of bent bamboo on the path to the water from there.

The water was sooooo refreshing looking!

Someone created a fish catcher in the river.

Spring is in the air. Whether you go in the backyard, a nearby park, a beach, a hiking path, a campground - enjoy!!!