Why You Should Grow Edible Flowers


Growing edible flowers is a win/win/win - and here's three reasons why - 
1. Good eating. Candy on put on cupcakes and birthday cakes, top on salads, work into spring roll wraps. The bright colors mean amazing health benefits! These freeze dry well too for off season. (Freeze driers are thousands of dollars, so be sure you want to utilize this to lock in the nutrients and store).

2. You attract pollinators to your garden. Surround your garden with these flowers and bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies come.

3. You have the enjoyment of fresh cut flowers inside.

Perhaps one of the most beloved edible flowers is dandelions - from the yellow petals to the greens, and the roasted roots made into tea for cancer prevention and health. Roses and lavendar are often used by chefs. 

Happy gardening - and eating!!