Living the Hawaiian Lifestyle

Post by Sharon

It's time to put yourself in Hawaii, in your mind, soul, and your home. If you can't go there, let's bring it to you. This is another in our series about Living the Lifestyle. Here's prior installments - 

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Let's start the music and the plotting and planning for your Hawaii getaway - virtual style.

Let's begin with the larder - 
Coffee, mango, pineapple, guava jam, coconut and coconut milk, portuguese sausage, sweet bread, pork - lots of it!, Spam, rice, rum.

poke bowl - raw chunked fish, rice, and great veggies all in one bowl!

acai bowl - this is basically a thick smoothie. Mashed frozen fruits, flash-frozen acai berries. Granola, seeds and nuts can be added. 

You know there are two constants with Hawaiians - outdoors and tropical produce!

Set up the yard so you can eat outdoors. If it's nighttime, consider Tiki torches.

Utilize bamboo, keep windows open if the weather is good, go barefoot, dance while you cook, grill outside, find fresh fish!

Learn how to do a real pig pit cookout - 

Dress like a surfer - 

Some movies and YouTube Channels from Hawaii you might enjoy - 

The Smith Brothers  - three coffee shop owning, surfing bro's who live the Hawaii lifestyle and eat and exercise with health in mind. 

Ellen Fisher - this vegan mom is raising her kids and homeschooling with a vegan healthy and lovely lifestyle. 

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall"
"Just Go With It" 
"Couples Retreat" (not Hawaii, but has the vibe in Tahiti)
"Blue Hawaii"
"A Perfect Getaway"
"Blue Crush" 
"50 First Dates"
"Riding Giants"
"North Shore" 

If all else fails, a wall mural might do the trick - 

Hang loose, my friends!