Living the Australian Lifestyle

Post by Sharon

My prior lifestyle installments in this series included - 

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Today, let's explore Australian lifestyle!

Here in America, we dearly love our Aussie friends. Their history, their hard work ethic, their fun-loving spirit, and their land of great resources all parallel our own experiences. 

When we think of adaptable, strong, resourceful, and confident, we think of our brothers down under. 

Let's set up the larder for the Aussie experience - 

(vegemite - this is a spread that is made from leftover brewer's yeast, herbs, and various veggies)
meat pies, vegemite, chicken parmesana, burgers, grilled foods, seafood, shrimp, fish and chips, leg of lamb, pavlova (a meringue and fruit dessert), bush foods - hunted game, leg of lamb, sausage rolls, dim sims, ocean trout, Fosters lager....

Fairy bread- buttered with sprinkles (a childhood fave).

As can be expected, many Australians love their water sports from fishing and surfboarding to boating and surfing. They love their sports and football and are a competitive people. 

Grilling is a national favorite too. This lifestyle is ideal for a lot men as it is very outdoorsy, robust, and meat-loving. 

Adventuring is everything!

Redirect yourself outside, take to hiking, camping, water sports, and photography. This is a fantastic escape from COVID depression.

For you home, think of large potted tropical plants, bold wall colors, wicker, rattan, indoor/outdoor vibes.

You'll love some of the standard wear like shorts, tees and thongs (flip flops).  It's all about cotton as there can be high humidity. 

One of my favorite pups - the Australian shepherd. This medium-sized breed was utilized in America as a cattle herding helper. Average lifespan is 13-15 years. These fellas love to be active and have tons of spirit and brains. Be sure you have an adequate yard and understand they do have herding instincts. 

Movies to get you in the mood -

The Dressmaker
The Thornbirds
The Water Diviner
The Hunter
Kangaroo Jack

You know we love the Australian people and culture - what a magical and precious asset upon the earth!