Sunday, July 14, 2019

DNA Testing: Finding Your Ancestors

Growing up, we lived near my mother's people in West Virginia, settled from Scots/Irish and English completely. I found that I never related with her people. I just felt strangely out of place. I saw no characteristics with these stoic, religious, sedate people. I was vivacious, fast-minded, an entrepreneur, and full of loving hugs and laughter. My father came from Norway and his people were purely Norwegian and Swedish. His only nearby family was his kid sister and her family. And she was me! I really felt so close to her. She was even tall like me and we looked the same and laughed easy, hugged often. Then, later on I met more of my father's family and we were an identical tribe. I found my people!  But, why were they my people? They weren't influences growing up.

As an adult, I decided to find out if it was in the genes.

Contemporary Music Inspiration For Baby Boomers Starting the REAL Part of Their Lives

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