Living the Autumn in New England Lifestyle

Post by Sharon

We figured after all these summer-like episodes of Living the Lifestyle, we should do something close to our hearts as summer gets closer to ending - New England in autumn time. 
Here's prior installments - 

Let's begin with the most basic step toward heading to New England in autumn - the scent!

Autumn-scented candles help immediately immerse the vibe.

Then, heat up some autumnal tea - 

Toss a blanket onto your sofa and darken the room. 

How about filling the larder with the necessaries? 

figs, grapes, walnuts, white cheddar, seedy mustard, real maple syrup, baked beans, dark fruity chutney, black bread, apples, pears, pomengranates, honey, roast beef, potatoes, cinnamon, ginger, black berries, cherries, seeded crackers, trout, bacon, ham, Oktoberfest beer

How about some autumnal crafts? 

Pull out the crockpot and let a delicious meal unfold in scented wonder all day. 

Some ideas - 
saurkraut and apple
pork loin and carolina vinegar-based bbq sauce
beans and ham hock
beef stew
cranberry pork loin
roast beef and potatoes/carrots/onions

Take a walk in the woods and collect some twigs and pine cones for inspired crafts. Take a long hot bath with scented epsom salts. Play nature sounds for background music, such as rainstorms, howling winds, and babbling streams.

Place your scarves, rain boots, knitted caps near the door.

Chill your room and sleep under a pile of soft blankies - this is the one I have and it is amazingly soft and the best cuddler in the world!

It may not feel like autumn outside yet, but you can enjoy the yummy harvest that signals fall time. Darken the home and pull out your nesting instincts.