Saturday, August 3, 2019

Men and Women: The Bohemian Look Without Looking Like a Costume

stack bracelets or stack necklaces or stack rings

Post by Sharon

I love the Bohemian look, but I am not a fan of wearing a bunch of flowing matron-looking clothing, so I tend to keep the clothing rather neutral and contemporary, but not structured (you won't find me in a button down shirt except maybe once a year). But, I do find ways to inject Bohemian vibe because I am a casual person and it suits my coloring and my artistic side. Here's a few things you can do or add to your wardrobe and get the vibe without screaming "New Age Hippie." (tips for women and men) 

Contemporary Music Inspiration For Baby Boomers Starting the REAL Part of Their Lives

We are enjoying some tunes from singers who get the vibe of our baby boomer era -